Well, we are very happy to report that Randy Travis has improved and was discharged from Baylor Plano Heart Hospital on July 30, 2013.  He has been relocated to a physical therapy facility.

Bonnie Paul said that he is very alert, very aware, responsive and smiling.  Her mother called him today, August 1st, and Randy is doing even better today than yesterday.  She informed him that his fans are praying for him and he said, “Thank you.”

Randy still has several months in the physical therapy facility, due to the massive stroke he endured, before returning home.  He has started the more aggressive therapy.  He still needs our continual, fervent prayers as he has a long ways to go.  He is a very strong person.  Hopefully, the Lord will see fit to continue this miracle and give Randy a full and complete recovery.  This is our prayer.

Continued prayers and wishes for a smooth and quick recovery, Randy.  You are doing great and we are so delighted with your hard work  and progress.  Keep up the good work.


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