Well, we are very happy to report that Randy Travis has improved and was discharged from Baylor Plano Heart Hospital on July 30, 2013.  He has been relocated to a physical therapy facility.

Bonnie Paul said that he is very alert, very aware, responsive and smiling.  Her mother called him today, August 1st, and Randy is doing even better today than yesterday.  She informed him that his fans are praying for him and he said, “Thank you.”

Randy still has several months in the physical therapy facility, due to the massive stroke he endured, before returning home.  He has started the more aggressive therapy.  He still needs our continual, fervent prayers as he has a long ways to go.  He is a very strong person.  Hopefully, the Lord will see fit to continue this miracle and give Randy a full and complete recovery.  This is our prayer.

Continued prayers and wishes for a smooth and quick recovery, Randy.  You are doing great and we are so delighted with your hard work  and progress.  Keep up the good work.


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RT Update July 15, 2013

From Randy’s publicist Kirt Webster:



Plano, TX (July 15, 2013) – Video Transcript: Randy Travis update, July 15VIDEO: http://media.baylorhealth.com/

((Dr. Michael Mack))

My name is Michael Mack. I’m a cardiac surgeon and the medical director of cardiovascular disease at Baylor Health Care System in Dallas.

I am joined by Dr. Erwin who is an intensivist at The Heart Hospital Baylor Plano and Mary Davis who is the fiancée of Randy Travis.

We would like to update you as to Mr. Travis’ condition since our last statements early last week.

As events have occurred it’s like putting pieces of a puzzle together. It’s been much clearer as to what events transpired and what Mr. Travis’ medical condition is.

On Sunday, July 7, he was admitted through the emergency room of Baylor McKinney hospital whereupon he was put on life support. He was then transferred here to The Heart Hospital Baylor Plano for a higher level of support.

For the first 48 hours after transfer he required mechanical devices to support his circulation and his heart.

His heart did respond positively to that and after a 48-hour period of time we were able to wean him from that support.

During this period of time of resuscitation, he suffered a stroke. As a result of that stroke, pressure built up in his brain that required an emergency neurosurgical operation to relieve that pressure.

That operation was successful and Mr. Travis has awakened since that operation.

In terms of putting together the sequence of medical events, we were concerned initially that he had acute viral myocarditis as a cause of this.

As we’re able to put the pieces of the puzzle together, he did suffer an acute viral illness over the past three weeks, but that seems to have tipped over a more chronic condition.

He has what’s called idiopathic cardiomyopathy, which means he has scarring of his heart muscle that is causing his heart to be weak and not able to support his circulation without help of either medical devices of medication.

We performed a biopsy of his heart muscle and it shows scar tissue. It does not show active infection. From the appearance on echocardiograms, which are images of his heart, this is not the appearance of either drugs or alcohol causing the heart condition.

Mr. Travis does have a family history of cardiomyopathy and it is more likely related to that.

At the current time, Mr. Travis’ condition is stabilized and I would like to turn to Dr. Erwin for a further update.

((Dr. Gary Erwin))

Thank you. As Dr. Mack mentioned previously, Mr. Travis is no longer requiring any mechanical devices that help support his heart. He does remain on intravenous medications to help support his heart, but we are decreasing the doses of those everyday and actually beginning to start him on oral medications which he will use long term to help support his heart.

As a result of his heart condition, acutely, and the stroke, he was put on a ventilator to help him breathe during his hospitalization. He remains on that, but we are decreasing that support daily.

He is breathing spontaneously with the help of the ventilator and hope to have him weaned off of that very soon breathing completely on his own.

In terms of his stroke, he has responded well to the surgical procedure he had to relieve the pressure in his brain. We’re seeing improvements in brain scans showing decreased swelling of his brain. He is awake and alert interacting with his family and friends and beginning to start doing some early physical therapy.

We do anticipate that he will need to stay here at The Heart Hospital for another two to three weeks to stabilize his heart during which time we will begin aggressive physical therapy. After he is discharged from here, we anticipate transfer to an inpatient facility where can receive aggressive physical therapy. We anticipate it will take months to recover from the stroke.

I would now like to ask Mary Davis, Randy’s fiancée, to say a few words. Mary.

((Ms. Mary Davis))

Thank you. First and foremost, I just want to thank the friends, the family, the outpouring of love and affection that has shown up at the hospital and at home and through several different avenues of support.

I know that those are prayers that have helped mend his heart along with the skilled hands of the physicians and doctors and nurses here at The Heart Hospital of Baylor in Plano.

I know that Randy feels each and every one of those. He feels the hands of the doctors and the care of the nurses and the love of his fans. His friends and family have all been touched by that. He is responding well to voices and he sees and he understands. He’s miles beyond where any of us thought he would be a few days ago.

It’s heart-warming to see that we have such a strong person under there that’s willing to fight with us. We all know now that we had greatness to work with. We ask for your continued support. I know that Randy will be so touched by that when he understands the magnitude of it all.

So thank you and I appreciate everything everybody has done here at the hospital to give us the outcome that we’ve received. With the understanding now in retrospect that this could have occurred anywhere at anytime. We were in the finest place we could be to have the best outcome that we could ever have. Thank you.

((Dr. Michael Mack))

Although Mr. Travis is still in critical condition, it has stabilized. We do not anticipate significant changes on a daily basis, but we will keep you informed as his condition improves.

# # #

Media Contacts:

Webster & Associates Public Relations & Marketing
Kirt Webster / kirt@websterpr.com / 615-777-6995 x230
Kay Waggoner / kay@websterpr.com / 615-777-6995 x221


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Latest News

Duane Allen, of the Oak Ridge Boys, said he received an encouraging text from Mary last night that Randy is showing some good signs.  She said that The Oaks made him smile (about them generously filling in for him at his scheduled Craven gig).

Patricia Ann Boyce told Duane Allen, “Randy knows how much everybody loves him & knows that we all are pulling for him!!”

Peggy Mercer with BMI said that she received a message around 10:30 CST last night, that Randy had stabilized and was some better, had smiled and is talking.  Thank you Lord!  And some folks say prayer does not work.  I believe that our loving Father is performing a miracle before our eyes.

Stay tuned for more updates.  Way to go and keep strong Randy and we will keep praying.


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Friday Update

The latest news out of Plano, Texas is that Randy has been heavily sedated since having surgery on Wednesday night.  He is resting comfortably.

Information from one of Randy’s nephews given to Karyn Garris is that  medical staff have been waking Randy every 2-3 hours to have him move his extremities in an effort to avoid blood clot development.  She says that the doctors are amazed at his improvement.

Way to go, Randy!  Keep up the good work and we will keep praying.  Thank you, Karyn for the updates.  We appreciate your diligence in keeping us informed.


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Update on Randy Travis’ Condition

This morning Karyn Garris reported, “Randy…is doing good.  Doctors are surprised he is doing so well!  I’m not, I know the great physician!”  Thank you for this update, Karyn.

Baylor officials said Friday afternoon that there are no changes and he remains in critical condition.

Thank you to all who are praying and responding in support of Randy.  This goes to show that prayer does work.  The Great Physician has him in his care.


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Please pray for Randy Travis

Travis performs "Three Wooden Crosses"

Travis performs “Three Wooden Crosses” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Update Friday, July 12th:  Emily Lauren said, “No setbacks today for Randy.  But, everything is still being closely monitored.”

Well, that is a ray of Sonshine and we thank our Heavenly Father that Randy’s condition has not worsened.   Fasting intercessory prayer will continue from this blogger.

Even though Randy does not read the Internet and cannot read it right now, we hope someone will let him know about the outpouring of love, compassion, support and prayers being expressed on his behalf.


Randy Travis was admitted to a hospital in McKinney, Texas on Sunday for Myocarditis due to an upper respiratory virus. By Monday, July 8th he was transferred to The Heart Hospital Baylor in Plano, Texas.

He was diagnosed with congestive heart failure later that day. His condition was beginning to stabilize and improve when he suffered a stroke Wednesday evening and underwent emergency surgery to relieve pressure on his brain. Randy remains in critical condition with no change.


Please pray for Randy and that the Lord will provide healing to restore him to his former excellent health and condition. Randy is a wonderful Christian person, regardless what the media may dramatize about him.  He is caring, funny, very talented and a great person to be around. We need more like him.

rt preacherRandy, our thoughts, love and prayers are with you, my friend. Stay strong in the Lord and get well very soon. We love you and need you back with us. So fight strong and please do not give up.

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Mission of Hope Ministries

Mission of Hope Ministries has a new blog.  Good old-fashioned Bible truth communicated in a friendly, down-to-earth way.   Visit their new home here at Word Press.


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Efforts to Preserve Walt Disney’s Kansas City Studio – An art show to raise funds is being held this weekend.


This article regarding my childhood aspiration, yes, I aspired to be an animator when I was young and Walt Disney was the object of my admiration.  So naturally, whenever media prints about the man I am compelled to read it.  Anyway, kudos to those individuals who endeavor to preserve the “Laugh-O-Gram” studio and this author wishes them well in achieving their goals.  Thankfully, Mr. Disney’s daughter, Diane Disney Miller, has graciously matched funding for the project.


An effort is under way to preserve the animation studio where Walt Disney got his start.

Disney spent his teen years in Kansas City, and the characters he created are now being used to help raise funds to save his first studio.

Read the article here:



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Serene Fawns

This is one of my current cross stitch projects.  It is a Dimensions design called, “Serene Fawns.”  It is a peaceful stitch with some tweeded colors.  It is stitched on about 18 ct cream Aida.

Serene Fawns by Dimensions

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Bead Work Projects

This gallery contains 11 photos.

Last week I received a request from a friend for photos of some of our bead work.  Unfortunately, she could not access our website after several attempts so I thought I would see if she can access this blog and … Continue reading

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